Sri Ajnyana Ultra Trail
BDG 100 Ultra 2024
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Sri Ajnyana Ultra Trail

64 KM

Course Description

SRI AJNYANA ULTRA TRAIL, Sri Ajnyana Ultratrail, a cross-country running challenge offering a 64-km adventure through the mountain range of Northern Bandung. This race is more than just a test of physical endurance, it also presents stunning scenery along the course.

Participants of Sri Ajnyana Ultratrail will embark on a journey that traverses the track parting the Northern Bandung elevations. On this trail, one cannot escape the arduous inclines of the Lembang fault region, giving a unique and challenging experience. The runners will dash through a path surrounded by towering pines, immersing in the green and fresh foliage.

One epic moment in the trail is when the runners arrive at the waterfall at Cibareubeuy. The resonating murmur and splendor of the rushing water crashing and splashing against rocks will be memorable.

Mount Kramat, Mount Putri, and Mount Tangkubanperahu would be the next tasks for the participants. Beyond physical strength, conquering these peaks require persistence and tenacity to keep moving forward in an increasingly challenging landscape.

This category is titled Sri Ajnyana, inspired by a character in an Ancient Sunda moringa leaf tales. The deep meaning that the name carries adding a spiritual dimension to the running journey. We hope the participants find inspiration and strength in every step that brings them closer to the finish line and excites their spirit and grit.

Sri Ajnyana Ultratrail is not your ordinary trail run, but rather an epic journey that combines natural beauty, physical challenge, and spiritual meaning. An unforgettable experience that will be part of core memory for those who dare to test their courage and determination in attempting this adventurous trail.

Start Location

Hotel Jayakarta

Start Date


Start Time

05:15 WIB

Cut-Off Time

18 Hours

Elevation Gain

3.482 M

UTMB Point
Itra Point

Qualifications for Bandung Ultra 64 KM participants :

For 64 KM participants, the qualification must have completed a 42 KM Road Run or at least a 21 KM Trail Run (in the period 1 January 2020 - June 2024).

Price List Sri Ajnyana Trail Running

Indonesian Price

Rp. 1.500.000

Rp. 1.250.000

Early Bird 29 Februari - 14 Maret 2024.


Foreign Price

Rp. 1.850.000

Rp. 1.550.000

Early Bird 29 Februari - 14 Maret 2024.


Water Station for category 64KM.

Refreshment Start Area WS 1 WS 2 Finish Area
Location VIB Cikahuripan Tangkuban Perahu VIB
Mineral Water 10L / Bottels -
Isotonik Drink 2L/ bottels - -
Pepsi - Cola - -
Lemon / Orange - -
Banana - -
Water Melon -
Candy -
Boiled Cassava - - -
Boiled Peanuts - - -
Boiled Egg - - -


Gear 64 KM
2 (two) Softlasks min 500 ml each
2 (two) torches in good condition with extra batteries for each
Emergency Blanket min 1.40m x 2m
Medical kit : Plasters/bandages, antiseptic/betadine, personal drugs. Food/gels/bars/etc (runner’s preference)
Jacket with a hood, waterproof and windproof *
Long pants/tights or a combination of short tights and long socks that can cover the whole legs Recommended
Warm long-sleeve mid-layer Recommended
Cap or bandana/neck tube (e.g. Buff®) Recommended
Beanie Recommended
Gloves, preferably warm and waterproof Recommended

*-jacket must have a hood. Hood can be removable

***windbreaker jacket does not replace waterproof jacket with hood

– Each runner is responsible to make sure that the jacket they bring fulfill the criteria and are able to protect them from the bad weather in the mountains, however, during the gear check, the race committee is authorized to carry out an assessment

Runners must bring a photo identification.


  • 2019 water dropbag details shown below. 2023 drop details coming soon.
  • Dropbags are for the 65K, 100K and 175K categories
  • Category 25K, there is storage at VIB
  • Dropbag collected at Tahura Saturday 15 September 2018 03.30 - 06.00
  • 100K and 175K runners, got 2 dropbags,
  • in Cibitung (Km 50) and VIB (finish)
  • 65 runners, drop bags are taken directly to the finish area (plastic will be provided by the committee)
  • Do not accept storage of goods other than for running activities in any form (eg : suitcases)