Rules And Regulation

BDG 100 Ultra 2024

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It is imperative that the participants of Bandung Ultra Trails are:

  • Aware of the duration and characteristics of the race, and prepare themselves well.
  • Able to be independent while in the mountains(1) prior to race day so they can anticipate any problems that could arise on these types of terrains such as
    • Know how to deal with weather challenges (night time, low temperatures, fog, and rain) by themselves.
    • Know how to solve physical or mental problems due to exhaustion, digestion problems, muscle or joint pain, and minor ailments when on their own
  • Fully understanding that it is not the responsibility of the race committee to help participants overcome the aforementioned problems and that for such outdoor activities personal safety is in the hands of the participants themselves to anticipate and adjust themselves to potential problems

(1) Having participated in another qualifying race (plese refer to Registration Requirements section) would allow participants to gain necessary experience for this race, even though some unexpected situations might be impossible to be fully prepared for. This race is open to anyone, male or female, born before January 1st, 2005, whether or not they are part of a running club/community. All participants are requested to sign an informed statement in agreement to this rule with no objections.

The race committee has prepared a list of qualifying criteria. To register, participants have to have participated in at least one race that fulfills the following criteria:

  • To register for Sangkuriang Ultra Trail 161KM: To register for 161 Km, the qualifier must have completed a 120 KM Road Run or at 100 KM Trail Run (within the period 1 January 2020 - June 2024).
  • To register for Bujangga Manik Ultra Trail 98,5KM: For 98.5 KM participants, the qualification must have completed a Road Run 70 KM road or at Trail Run 50 KM (in the period 1 January 2020 - June 2024)
  • To register for Sri Ajnyana Ultra Trail 64KM: For 64 KM participants, the qualification must have completed a 42 KM Road Run or at least a 21 KM Trail Run (in the period 1 January 2020 - June 2024).
  • To register for Jayagiri Trail Run 27KM: For 27 KM participants, the qualification must have been a 21 KM Half Marathon road or at least a 15 KM Trail Run (in the period 1 January 2020 - June 2024).
  • For Sukawana Trail 13 KM participants, No qualification required for 13K category. However, please note that race has a challenging route, and runners are encourage to prepare themselves physically and mentally

Note : if the race submitted for qualification had a distance disparity between the planned course and reality, or if the race was stopped early or had been cancelled, the qualification will be recalculated according to the real distance ran

To validate their registration, every runner must :
  1. Submit a special health certificate (*).. The health certificate must be uploaded uploaded before August 30, 2024 on the participant’s personal online account
  2. Complete a statement of honor (available online on the participant’s personal online account) before 30 August 2024

Without the health certificate or statement of honor, the participant will not receive their running bib.

(*) official forms for health certificate and statement of honor are available for download from the runners’ personal online account

This race is semi-self reliant. We define self-reliant as the ability to be independent when in between two water stations, not only in terms of refreshments but also having the right type of clothing, looking out for your own safety, and being able to adapt to and know what to do if facing problems that might arise (bad weather, physical problems, or injuries).

This principle is implied in the following rules :
  1. All runners must carry their mandatory gear at all times throughout the race (for the details of mandatory gear please refer to the GEAR section). A running backpack/vest is recommended to carry mandatory gear.
  2. On the racecourse, a marshal can randomly check the contents of a runner’s backpack/vest. All runners must kindly and politely obey the gear check when requested. The marshal reserves the right to disqualify runners that fail to obey the request for random gear check.
  3. Water station provides food and beverages for immediate consumption while at the station. Only water (other types of beverage not included) is provided to refill your bottle or water bladder. All runners must make sure they left a water station with enough food and water to reach the next station.
  1. Runners are not permitted to have a pacer on the course. No one who is not registered in the race is allowed to be on the racecourse, even for some part of the course. The only places where a non-runner is allowed are in clearly marked tolerance zone near a water station.

To participate in the race, certain gears are deemed mandatory. Please note that these are the minimal requirements and each runner must adjust what they bring according to their personal need. In particular, it is important to not choose the thinnest extra layer to reduce a few grams, and instead choose the most appropriate extra layer to protect against cold temperature, rain, or wind in the mountains for your own safety and good performance in the race.

Mandatory Gear 161 KM 98,5 KM 64 KM 27 KM
MANDATORY GEAR FOR RUNNERS Check  Recommended Check  Recommended Check  Recommended Check  Recommended
Cup/beaker Check  Recommended Check  Recommended Check  Recommended Check  Recommended
2 (two) Softlasks min 500 ml each Check  Recommended Check  Recommended Check  Recommended Check  Recommended
2 (two) torches in good condition with extra batteries for each Check  Recommended Check  Recommended - -
Emergency Blanket min 1.40m x 2m Check  Recommended Check  Recommended Check  Recommended Check  Recommended
Whistle Check  Recommended Check  Recommended Check  Recommended Check  Recommended
Medical kit : Plasters/bandages, antiseptic/betadine, personal drugs. Food/gels/bars/etc (runner’s preference) Check  Recommended Check  Recommended Check  Recommended Check  Recommended
Jacket with a hood, waterproof and windproof * Check  Recommended Check  Recommended Check  Recommended Check  Recommended
Long pants/tights or a combination of short tights and long socks that can cover the whole legs   Recommended   Recommended   Recommended   Recommended
Warm long-sleeve mid-layer   Recommended   Recommended   Recommended   Recommended
Cap or bandana/neck tube (e.g. Buff®)   Recommended   Recommended   Recommended   Recommended
Beanie   Recommended   Recommended   Recommended   Recommended
Gloves, preferably warm and waterproof   Recommended   Recommended   Recommended   Recommended

*-jacket must have a hood. Hood can be removable

***windbreaker jacket does not replace waterproof jacket with hood

– Each runner is responsible to make sure that the jacket they bring fulfill the criteria and are able to protect them from the bad weather in the mountains, however, during the gear check, the race committee is authorized to carry out an assessment

Runners must bring a photo identification.

Each runner can collect their race bib after verification of the following :

  • Photo identification
  • Running backpack/vest and all mandatory gear
  • Completed health certificate

The race bib must be secured properly over your chest or abdomen and always clearly visible throughout the race. Therefore, the race bib must be pinned over the outer layer of your clothes and cannot be set on your back or leg for whatever reason. The name and logo of sponsors cannot be altered or hid.

The race bib is a form of runner identification needed to board the evacuation vehicles, access water station, aid station, rest and shower facilities, and the check and pick up points for your spare bag. Unless a runner refuse to abide by the decision taken by the committee, the committee will never take back a race bib, however, runners who are withdrawn from the race before reaching the finish line will have their race bib deactivated.

First Aid Station are available in various points along the racecourse. All stations are connected to Race Central via radio or telephone. A medical control team is present throughout the duration of the race at the Race Central in Parongpong.

Rescue posts are aimed to bring any runner in danger using committee provided or registered facilitites.

If a runner seem to be in trouble or having a serious injury, please do the following to get help =>

  • Go to a first aid station
  • Contacting route controller via telephone
  • Ask another runner to notify the first aid team

All runners must help whoever is in danger and notify the first aid station.

Any runner who calls for a medical or rescue team are submitting themselves under the authority and responsibility of the team in making the right decision. When a runner’s condition requires the insertion of intravenous line, the runner is obliged to withdraw from the race.

First aid and medical team reserve the right to :

  • Withdraw a runner from the race (by canceling the race bib) if the runner is deemed not fit enough to continue.
  • Evacuate using the best possible mode a runner who is deemed to be in danger.
  • Refer a runner to the hospital if the condition calls for hospital admission.

Evacuation mode and hospital choice are decided by official race first aid and medical team.

The costs incurred for any medical treatment, whether emergency or evacuation, is the responsibility of the runner themselves along with any transportation cost from the point of evacuation. The only way to process this payment is through the submission of the runner’s personal insurance documents within a certain period of time.

All runners are required to stay on the marked track, even when taking a rest or sleep. Runners who intentionally left marked track are no longer under the responsibility of the race committee.

  • Control checkposts are available at rescue posts or water stations.
  • Surprise control points will be located on the track outside the rescue post or water station areas. The exact locations are a committee secret.
  • Only runners with clearly visible race bib and pass the control check can access the water station.
  • Race guide and relevant page on the website will inform you the exact locations of the water stations.
  • Food and beverages at the water stations :
  • Mineral water, carbonated water, isotonic, cola, coffee, tea, noodle soup, biscuits/sweet treats, bananas/oranges/other fruits, etc.
  • To avoid single use plastic, during the race the runners are required to carry a cup/beaker at least 150ml in volume.
  • Trash bags are provided in all water stations.
  • Runners who are caught littering on the racecourse will be sanctioned.

Maximum time to finish the total distance of the race is as follows :

  • Sangkuriang Ultra Trail : 44 hours
  • Bujangga Manik Ultra Trail : 32 hours
  • Sri Ajnyana Ultra Trail : 18 hours
  • Jayagiri Trail Running : 8 hours
  • Sukawana Trail Running : 3 hours

The time limits (cut-off times) to leave each control checkpost will be clearly written in the track guide.

The cut-off times are calculated so that runners can reach the finish line under the maximum time, with reasonable duration for stops (rest, refreshments, etc). To continue the race, a runner must already leave control checkposts before the cut-off time (calculated since the runner arrives at a control checkpost).

Cut off point.

Maximum time at certain posts will be explained during the technical meeting.

Runners who have withdrawn from the race can still run the rest of the course but the race bib must be returned to the committee and the runner must run at their own risk and independently from the committee.

In the event of bad weather and/or for safety reasons, the committee reserves the right to stop the race mid-way or change cut-off time.

Except in the event of an injury, a runner can only withdraw themselves from the race at a control checkpost. They have to notify the head of the post, and then the head of the post will cancel their race bib. The runner will be asked to keep the race bib as their ticket to get on board the vehicle heading to Parongpong.

Sending runners to Race Central in Parongpong is decided by the head of post, according to the following general rules :

  • Trucks are available at certain control checkposts/water station marked by a picture of a truck on the race map to send withdrawn runners back to Parongpong.
  • Runners who withdraw themselves from the race at another rescue post atau water station in relative good condition and not in need of evacuation should as fast as possible and independently go to the nearest evacuation point.
  • Rescue posts or water stations with access for cars or 4x4 cars :
    • At the post’s closing time, the committee can bring a limited number of withdrawn runners who are still at the post (subject to availability of space in the vehicles).
    • In the event of adverse weather event that causes part or the whole race to stop, the committee will ensure all runners stopped midway can return as fast as possible.

Runners who withdraw themselves from the race before arriving at a control checkpost are required to go back to the previous post and notify their discontinuation of the race to the head of the post. If on the way back they met the last sweeper of the race, the sweeper will cancel the race bib. The runner will no longer be under the responsibility of the committee.

  • To ensure night visibility, track markings have a reflective part that light up when they are hit by the light from your headlamp/torch.
  • For environmental consideration, the committee will not use paint as markings.
Decided by the race director Taking shortcuts
Disqualification Refuse mandatory gear check
30-minute penalty Littering (intentional) by the runner or their team
30-minute penalty Disrespecting others (committee members or other runners)
30-minute penalty Does not help others in trouble (in need of help from the committee)
Penalti 60 menit Receiving aid outside of the permitted zone
Penalti 60 menit Fail to show mandatory gear during a random check on the racecourse
Penalti 60 menit Lost race bib during the race
Decided by race judge Incomplete electronic chip
Disqualification Refuse to follow orders from race controller, any race officials, head of post, medical or rescue team
Instant disqualification and lifetime ban Cheating (e.g. using a mode of transport in the race)

Upon finishing the race under the maximum time, the runner will get a finisher medal and tee.

Race officials in the field, and the person in charge of control checkposts and water stations are authorized to uphold the regulation and to immediately * sanction runners for failure to comply, according to the following table :

*Time penalty can be given immediately, meaning that the runner has to stop running for the duration of the time penalty. Violation of other rules will be sanctioned as deemed appropriate by the Race Judge.

All objections of the committee decision/the race course should be made in writing and handed over to the field chief, along with a 2,000,000 IDR deposit (non-refundable if objection is deemed invalid), within two hours after the runner arrives at arrival point.

Consists of :

  • Race Comittee
  • Relevant persons chosen by ALTI representative and the course director for their competence and experience

The race judge is authorized to make decision within the timeframe of the race of all the objections raised throughout the race. The judge’s decision is indisputable.

  • The committee reserves the right at any point to change the route and position of rescue posts and water stations, without warning. In adverse weather event (high rainfall in the mountains, risk of a heavy storm) the start time of the race can only be delayed by several hours, after that the race will be canceled.
  • In the event of bad meteorological conditions, and for safety considerations, the committee reserves the right to stop the race or change the cut-off time.
  • In the event of race cancelation, for whatever reason, more than 15 days before the start date of the race, part of the registration fee will be refunded. The amount refunded will be calculated after the committee covers the nonrefundable costs, until the date of race cancelation. If the race is canceled within 15 days of race day or if the race is stopped midway, for whatever reason, no refunds of registration fees will be made.

Civil responsibility :

The committee have arranged civil responsibility insurance for the duration of the race. This insurance guarantees financial consequences of liability from the committee or participants.

Personal accident :

  • All runners are required to have a personal accident insurance.
  • Accident evacuation will be subject to the condition when the accident happened and availability of transportation. The choice of evacuation mode is entirely made by the committee, who will systematically prioritize runner safety.